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    The FleX Sound Café             x
Concept       Welcome to FleX!                                
Implementation         Enjoy the Freesound Music online gallery.                          
Presentation         Learn about Animated Sounds, Sound Trips, the Freesound community, and much more...        
Contribution         Use FleX as a source of ideas for your own musical occupation.                  
        What is FleX?                                  
          FleX connects ...       >  FleX connects people as it connects sounds.          
                        >  FleX utilizes Hypersound network connectivity.          
          Free sounds through ...     >  Sounds of everything worth listening to.            
                        >  Sounds accessible and playable for everyone.          
          Flexible metrics, ...     >  Enjoying animated and lively sound trips.            
                        >  Overcoming effects of mechanical and poor recycling.      
          Featured by basic mentalities. >  Exploring the nature of music.                
                      >  Promoting the come together of mental beings.