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Concept       What is Freesound Music?                          
Implementation         Built of sounds shared by a world-wide alliance of sound creatives – the “Freesound” community.      
Presentation         Takes listening sensations from there one step further - powered by FleX.              
Contribution         Suitable for environmental, entertainment, artistic, and educational deployments.             
        Freesound Music > Introduction into the usage of the Freesound Music portal and related pages.      
                  Which browser to use, how to arrange windows, what to access, etc.        
        Sound Park > Tutorial for the creation of a first Sound Trip using the Freesound Workbench.      
                  Hot path through sound selection, assembly rules and page generation.        
        Publishing > Explanation of further publishing and recording possibilities for Sound Trips.      
                  Standard set of sound page creation, tips and tricks + extended possibilities.      
        Library > Overview about further information resources.                
    Freesound Music                              
        Introduction   Technology   Setup   Navigation                
Implementation       FleX Deployment > General concept             >>            
        Freesound Music > Realization of a prototype, proof of concept     >>            
Introduction       Freesound Music is built of sounds that are shared by a world-wide alliance of sound             
        creatives – the “Freesound” community (see Freesound website).                    
        Freesound Music takes listening sensations from there one step further by applying two             
        basic methods:                                      
        > Organizing the sounds according to common musical experiences (4 basic               
          recognition areas “Melody”, “Rhythm”, “Harmony”, “Effects”, and phenotypical               
          sound classifications, as realized in the Workbench)                      
        > Realizing a new concept of flexible linkage between the sounds which leads to new             
          sound combinations and new musical metrics (interactive Hypersound functionality             
          utilized by easy-to-use web page assembly, and supported by multi-media ASP             
        Freesound Music is suitable for environmental, entertainment, artistic, and educational             
        deployments. It is freely available (online and offline), but must be used in accordance             
        with Creative Commons License protection rules.                          
Technology       The technology behind the implementation of Freesound Music can be outlined as               
Resources       1. Sounds                                      
          Free available sounds are the foundation of Freesound Music. They are created            
          with any kind of standard audio recording and processing equipment.                 
          Freesound Music sounds are being shared online through the Freesound              
          site which serves as a kind of online sound portal, repository, and much more              
          (see Freesound site for further information).                          
Streamers       2. Animated Sounds                                  
          Animated Sounds are the building blocks for Freesound Music Sound Pages that             
          can be interactively used for Freesound Music creation.                    
          Animated Sounds are realized as Adobe Shockwave applets that can be               
          accessed through the Internet.                              
          The use of Animated Sounds is described in the Animated Sounds Online Help.            
Playgrounds       3. Sound Pages                                    
          Animated Sounds are assembled into standard Internet browser pages as the            
          Adobe Shockwave lingo scripting technology suggests. See next "Setup"              
          chapter for specific conditions of browser usage.                         
Hypersounds         In order to utilize a maximum of flexibility for interactive musical use, Animated Sounds          
          are linked with each other, thus behaving as a kind of local musical network. These            
          relationship is also called "Hypersound" since links from sound to sound can be            
          executed such as "Hypertext" links with text.                          
Freesound Music       4. Pieces                                      
          Freesound pieces can be interactively played using Freesound Sound Pages.            
          While playing, the resulting music can be recorded within the Sound Page               
Distribution         All Sound Pages are obtaining the Animated Sound resources from the                 
          Freesound Music portal server. The pages may be local copies that are distributed           
          freely between friends, or copies that are directly accessed from the server.              
Setup       The current implementation of the Freesound Music Project is represented by a specific            
        prototype. Although it complies to freely available standards and applications, it cannot             
        be freely used across various platforms and product versions.                    
        In order to assure the best performance possible, the following requirements should be            
        considered to be able to fully enjoy the Freesound Music project:                    
Sounds Online       1. Freesound Site                                  
          The Freesound site itself should work fine on any standard platform and browser            
          type. For further information refer to the relevant section at the Freesound site.              
Portal       2. Freesound Music Portal with Read-only Access                      
          The Freesound Music Portal can work on various standard platforms and browser            
          versions for the purpose of obtaining written information, and standard static media            
          such as graphics and mp3 sounds. Short file names (8 characters limitation) are            
          not supported.                                    
Read-only         However, Animated Sounds and related features can only be operated when using             
          Internet Explorer which covers the central part of the Freesound Music project.               
          Other browsers do not comply to the full functional scope that is offered by the              
          Adobe Shockwave Lingo scripting technology.                        
          Most convenient and tested environment for performing Sound Pages with the             
          Animated Sounds is described in the following section.                      
Recommendation       3. Recommended Environment for the Freesound Music Portal                
Platform         Computer: High performance for real-time/multimedia use, at least Pentium M.              
          OS: Windows XP Professional, SP 2                            
          Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519                     
          Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768                              
Browser         Most recommended Browser: Maxthon Internet Browser (based on Internet Explorer)          
          Version: (free available)                              
          Download: http://go.maxthon.com, find 1.5.2build21_msetup.zip                  
          Local Download Here                                  
          File Size: 4.79 MB                                  
          Description: Maxthon Internet Browser software is a powerful tabbed browser               
          with a highly customizable interface. It is based on the Internet Explorer                
          browser engine (your most likely current web browser) which means that                 
          what works in the IE browser will work the same in Maxthon tabbed browser               
          with many additional efficient features.                            
Multimedia         Browser Plug-in: Adobe Shockwave Player                          
          Version: Shockwave                              
          Download: http://www.adobe.com                            
          Local Download Here                                  
          File Size: 2,726 K                                   
          Setup tip: When you see the animation playing below the labeled box, then              
          your installation was successful.                              
Considerations       4. How does the Portal perform on my computer?                      
Applets         There is no installation required to drive the Adobe Macromedia applets,              
          e.g., no client needs to be downloaded and to be installed.                    
          All executable resources will be accessed through the server. This is also              
          valid for the FleX Publisher (see below) that will be downloaded for execution.              
Warnings         You will get warnings when executing the FleX Publisher since it is a regular               
          executable file. You need to allow the FleX Publisher to execute in order to be              
          able to create your own Sound Trips.                            
Cookies         The Shockwave applications that are included in the Portal and in its adjacent              
          application pages (Workbench, Sound Trips) creating and maintaining text              
          files on your computers (like cookies) while you are operating. These text files              
          are automatically stored in two locations like the following:                    
Cookies Location         1. Sound Page control:                                
            C:\Documents and Settings\<your name>\Application Data\Macromedia            
            \Shockwave Player\Prefs\Q93Z43LF                          
          2. FleX Publisher control                              
            C:\Documents and Settings\<your name>\Application Data\Macromedia            
            \Director MX 2004\FleXPublisher\Prefs\                        
Clipboard         While the Portal or related Sound Pages are active (open in a browser), the              
          Clipboard is used by Shockwave functions and cannot be used for other                
          applications. If you need to use the Clipboard, close first the Portal and all open             
          Sound Pages.                                    
Performance         The Freesound Music Portal and its related Sound Pages demanding high              
          and permanent computing power. You should close other performance consuming            
          programs and applications before executing sound pages. Since the current              
          version is a prototype implementation only, you must be aware of rarely possible            
          browser window freezes and other malfunctions that are usually simple recovered            
          by restarting the relevant pages or applications.                        
Sound Channels         The Animated Sounds play is restricted to a concurrent play of 8 stereo channels.            
          However, much more Animated Sounds can be loaded at once (for example, visit            
          the "Matrix" project that opens 88 Animated Sounds concurrently). This allows a very          
          flexible selection and switch ability of sounds. To support this flexibility, the 8 sound             
          channels are assigned dynamically. Sound channel display and fixed assignment            
          of the channels are possible as well (see below for more information).                
Internal Download         Some Internet related operations may require heavy download time. However, those          
          downloads will be stored in the browsers' cache for later use allowing much              
          faster performance. Please execute Animated Sounds only after they are fully               
          downloaded. For further information visit the information about Animated Sounds:            
          > Animated Sounds Introduction                  >>          
          > Animated Sounds Tutorial                   >>          
Navigation       The Freesound Music portal consists of 4 areas that can be navigated one after              
        the other (full page navigation) or simultaneously (tiled page navigation).                  
Full Page Navigation       1. Full Page Navigation                                
              12. Page Indicator         7. Link to CC License                
        11. Link to Workbench 10. Link to Page Info 6. Link to Freesound 8. Link to Portal Help