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Concept       99 ways of working together...                        
Implementation         Making music.                                    
Presentation         Developing an infrastructure.                              
Contribution         Promoting and sponsoring joint music projects and communicating it to the musical world.        
        Sponsorship > Here you can find a list of project and program items that can be further          
                developed or enhanced.                          
        Donations > The Freesound Music project wouldn't be possible without the contribution        
                of all the creative Freesounders. Ways to support both projects.            
        Promotion > This is a collection of ideas how Freesound Music can be deployed          
                and communicated.                            
        Joint Work > A summary of joint work possibilities from creation of personal sound          
              pages till working on an programming level can be found here.            
Introduction       The Freesound Music project is a prototype that needs vast investments in order to               
        become a mature initiative to be used by communities and other interested parties.              
        Your contribution as an institution or generous sponsor is essential to let this project grow.            
        Speaking of contribution, this site makes the first step of openly communicating and              
        contributing content, ideas, technology, etc. to everyone who wants to benefit from it.              
        You are kindly invited to make the second step. Please feel free to contact (see "Contact"          
        tab below) for more information and initiating negotiations.                      
Program Items       The following open list includes major items of development, improvement, and               
        management, that need support in order for the project to evolve.                    
        # Item                   Priority Type            
Research &       1 Optimization of Lingo code           2   R&D            
Development       2 Redesign of project and productization       1   R&D            
        3 Enabling other browsers             1   R&D            
        4 Product feature enhancements           2   R&D            
        5 Front end to create new Animated Sounds       2   R&D            
        6 Speed up and Extension of Publishing process     1   R&D            
Operations       7 Program management             1   Operations          
        8 Office work, communication and relationship management 1   Operations          
        9 Hosting with sufficient bandwidth and redundancy   1   Operations          
Marketing       10 Product and application development       2   Marketing            
        11 Public relations               2   Marketing            
        12 Revision and new design of textual resources     2   Marketing            
        13 Design revision of site and site components     2   Marketing            
        14 Ongoing project localization           2   Marketing            
Feedback         Your findings, experience…                              
          Please feel free to publish your idea here.                         
          Contact via the "Contact" tab below to submit.                        
Introduction       The way Freesound Music is based on Freesounders' efforts, no donation should be            
        made without considering the support for the Freesound site that made this project possible.          
Thank you!       > Click the right link to donate directly to Freesound.             >>          
        > Contact via the below "Contact" tab to donate to Freesound Music or other FleX projects.          
Introduction       Animated Sounds can be utilized for a large number of different applications depending            
        on use cases, target groups, and much more. This chapter invites you to think about             
        possibilities and opportunities to develop new ideas for musical deployments of Animated           
        Sounds and adjacent marketing strategies.                            
Ideas       Application     Description                            
        Sound Surf Beach   A matrix of Animated Sounds is being navigated through a            
                  "Surfboard" that consists of multiple play controls. A number of          
                  the play controls are highlighted to indicate a possible action.          
                  Each action is being followed by a new set of indicated play            
                  controls. This way, the user is creating his own music while            
                  surfing through the matrix. The resulting Sound Trip can be recorded        
                  and shared with a friend by email.                    
                  The Sound Surf Beach realizes a kind of musical "Garden of the          
                  Pathes" (Borges), referring to the "open art" concept as elaborated        
                  by Umberto Eco.                          
        Sound Letters   Creating a kind of Sound Letter Chain through email + Sound Page          
                  attachments with friends.                        
                  Letters can be created personally, or being selected from an online list.        
        Greeting Cards   Building a site of greeting cards (or approaching a greeting card          
                  site) with the inclusion of invisible Animated Sounds, promoting          
                  Freesound and the sound author(s) through a special link.            
        Audio Screensaver Computer screen saver equipped with a lively sound atmosphere.          
        DJ patches     Developing sound pages that provide exciting batteries of fill-ins           
                  for DJ sessions.                          
        Promotional sounds If a Freesounder agrees (see CC license), his sound can be used          
                  in an animated fashion to support commercial brandings over the          
                  Internet. The income of those activities can be shared between the          
                  parties (author, Freesound site, FleX project)                
        Music for      Dance companies can be accompanied with complex sound          
        dance groups   environments in real-time, providing the flexibility to react to the          
                  stage rather the stage following a fixed tape/disc recording.            
        Laptop Music     Playing Freesound Music on multiple Laptops should be fun!            
Feedback       Your idea...     Please feel free to publish your idea here. Contact via the "Contact"        
                  tab below to submit.                          
    Joint Work                                    
Introduction       The best way of contribution is personal engagement and active participation. This chapter          
        provides a list of possibilities that are available already today to participate and to let the            
        music evolve.                                       
Activities       The following collection of co-operative areas is backed by certain working environments          
        that require some expertise. For more information visit the "Implementation" pages (see            
        "Implementation" tab at the bottom at this page) or contact via the "Contact" tab below.            
        Project                     Environment              
Music Creation       > Personal Sound Pages             FleX Publisher              
        > Customized Sound Page projects         HTML customization            
Sound Creation       > Creating Animated Sounds             Adobe Director MX            
        > Supplying sounds for the purpose of Animated Sounds    Freesound              
          through Freesound                                  
Educational Projects       > Developing didactic projects           Sound Café              
        > Using online meetings for joint music sessions and   WebEx, etc.              
Programming Support       > Programming participation with Lingo         Adobe Director MX            
        > Suggesting sound creation tools           Your environment            
Performances       > Joint concerts or performances           Public space              
        > Joint projects (music for movie, dance, DJ)       Public space              
Applications       > Developing application ideas           Promotion                
        > Developing promotional material         Promotion                
Feedback       > Your ideas...                 Contact                
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