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Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "ESY 1 & 2" - 2 Reference Pieces, 208 Cybertracks
   "Sonata", "Canzone"
   Cybertrack Examples
Sonata Canzone
Spacey bell harmony IV Spacey bell harmony II Spacey bell choir Powerful metal bending Super engine sound I Super engine sound II Jungle Rattle noise Metal splinters Space vehicle II
Drawing sound lines Step dance II Artificial life II Talking noise Funky metal I Sound scraps II Sound scraps IV Bell small talk I Bell small talk II Firing waves c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "ESY 3" - 1 Reference Piece, 135 Cybertracks
   Cybertrack Examples
Small Sound Engine moving by III Brazil II Sequencer fast I Spectral kaleidoscope II Spectral kaleidoscope III Spectral kaleidoscope V Mosaic Scattered chimes I Scattered chimes II Scattered spectra II
Scattered spectra I Sound painting Spectral waves Mystic lines Chimes sound engine I Scattered up moving spiral Crossing sound lines Ambient I Ambient III Ambient X c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "ESY 4" - 1 Reference Piece, 356 Cybertracks
   Cybertrack Examples
Funky wood sequence 1 Jumping around 1 Metallic splinters 1 Harmonic playground 2 Metallic sequence 1 Victory sequence 1 Talking chaos 1 Futuristic instrument 1 Glass song 8 Kaleidoscope with Xylophone 1
Glass & Sand 2 Solo play 5 Hot message 1 Wooden curtain 1 Walking through metallic ground 1 Sound shake 1 Rattlesnake’s song 2 Clattering along 9 Rattlesnake’s skin 1 Rising rattle 1 c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "NSY 1" - 1 Reference Pieces, 177 Cybertracks
   Cybertrack Examples
Giant noisy wave Big dancing taps wave Whirling sounds rising Dark meeting 1 Dusty channel 1 Ghost house experience 1 Ghost train 1 Mystic machine echo Ghost dance 1 Bush signals 1
Bush speech Jungle Flute percussion Rushing ahead 2 Flying noises 1 Escaping whistle sounds Rhythmical noise path Split noise samples 1 Sand and stones Important noise speech c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "NSY 2 & 4" - 2 Reference Pieces, 278 Cybertracks
   "Dance", "Fractal"
   Cybertrack Examples
Dance Fractal
Flattery wave Material dance 1 Shaking solo Stick solo 1 Touchy sequence Noisy stick solo Jumping chain Laser attacks Noisy trip 1 Noisy chaos
Bath dance 1 Shaking action 1 Dance ground Whispering 1 Wood action Light water story 1 Funky water story 1 Shaking stones 1 Stone music 1 Browsing noises with clicks (high) c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "NSY 3 I"  Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "NSY 3 II (cont.)" - 1 Piece, 254 Cybertracks
   Cybertrack Examples
Falling harmonizer glissando Rhythmical action 1 Chaotic action Lava streams Harmonic panorama Factory work Shaking panorama 2 Dreamy sequence 2 Noisy pathways 4 Touchy sound curves
Brazilian dance Wild dance 5 Percussive story Dark scattered canon Panorama pathways 2 Flexible pathways 1 Funky panorama 4 Funky panorama 8 Scattered dots talk Scattered boxes
Scattered action 2 Scattered ride 4 Floating sound curves Floating grid curves Pumping beats 1 Beat story 1 Tapping forward Train memories Mystic action Eruptive panorama c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "PSY 1 & 2" - 2 Reference Pieces, 171 Cybertracks
   "General Electrics",
  "Relaxation Oscillation"

   Cybertrack Examples
General Electrics Relaxation Oscillation

Punching bundles 1 Punching bundles 2 Talking rotations Sparkling propeller Raising flipper 1 Space dance 1 Funky bass 2 Bass solo 2 Walking bass solo Electric bass colors 1
Spacey lines 1 Shaking field Dispersion Trance sequence 2 Spectral trance 2 Spectral trance 3 Melody play 1 Whistled melody Electric bird song 2 Electric bird song 3 c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "PSY 3" - 1 Reference Piece, 120 Cybertracks
   "The Lost Voice"
   Cybertrack Examples
The Lost Voice
Mystic cruise Driving funky curves 1 Mystic cave 1 Submarine 1 Aggressive grid 2 Striking figures Drumming on glass Marimba sequence Whistling choir 3 Strange animals 2
Mixed figures 1 Drumming clicks Big birds talk Dancing birds Robotic statement Exotic bird 1 Signal sequence Signal conversation Drumming voice strips Oscillator’s dreams 1 c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "PSY 4" - 1 Reference Piece, 140 Cybertracks
   "The Sound Mount"
   Cybertrack Examples
The Sound Mount
Low register sequence 1 Colorful story 1 Full register brass sequence Rushing around 1 Exploring lashes 1 Talking line 1 Aggressive lashes 1 Nervous Bass Nervous Xylophon 2 Nervous Cymbal 1
Higher knocking chain 3 Lower knocking chain 7 Noise attack 3 High register claps Squeaking line 1 Oscillator chamber play 2 Artificial life 1 Touchy line 1 Hurled sounds 3 Spread attacks 2 c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "CSY 1 & 3" - 2 Reference Pieces, 140 Cybertracks
  "Another Odyssey"

   Cybertrack Examples
SphinX Another Odyssey

Plastic rain 2 Noisy jumps 2 Filter brass battery 2 Monster instrument 2 Monster duet 1 Noisy speech 1 Bass monster 3 Noise rotations Planet trip 2 Electro dream 3
Choir dream 2 Sparkling cave 1 Colored mass 3 Spacey flight 2 Sound drive 1 Last dream Noisy beats 2 Colorful strips 1 Symphonic helicopter Dancing sounds 2 c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "CSY 2" - 1 Reference Piece, 107 Cybertracks
   Cybertrack Examples
Pan trip Soundslurp 3 Synthi crying (high) 2 Synthi strong filter crying (middle) 2 Synthi strong filter crying (lower) 1 Bass&drum rotation 12 Bass&drum story Fat bass line 5 Drum sequence Filtered drum sequence
Bass rotation 2 Talking instruments 3 Talking flute 2 Low flute talking 1 Very low flute talking 2 Harmonic instrumental chaos Bush violin Speaking violin Scattered talk Higher voice monologue c
Buy sound bank   Sound Bank "CSY 4" - 1 Reference Piece, 348 Cybertracks
   Cybertrack Examples
Sequence with colored strips 1 Animal voice Sound knifes 1 Pipe articulation 1 Rough sounds 1 High clusters 2 Sampled accords 6 Stick music 7 Rhythmical quotations with sine Noisy clips 10
Flexed sound with drums 3 Accord mix 7 Split concert 1 Wooden story 3 Pipelined sounds 2 Drumming on spectra 4 Instrumental mix 1 Drum mix 1 Percussion mix 5 Drumming pipes 5 c


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