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   Your comments are welcome! 
   "A part of the world is set up to deal with the music composed as this, ethereal and advancing through a spiral... One might have seen this type of music in the past as a harbinger. Now, I am not aware if there has ever been any kind of music but this. Listen and evolve!"

"This artist certainly knows how to provide non-linear entertainment. Go to his site and listen to all his tracks while doing work. Connections will be made!"

The Crong Sap-Hammer

   Hey, just wanted to say that your music sounds great!!! and some of your influences reminds me about my own music :-) Where are you from by the way?
Keep up the good work

Torbjörn Johansson (
   (Take Five Takes 1) Hello.... I added one more of your tracks to my station, the first addition in ages. I really enjoy your sounds. What inspires you to do make them?


   I have started to listen to the tracks and I must tell you it is sounding VERY interesting. I really like the sounds and it really does sound innovative and yet very enjoyable. "Portraits of a woman" is amazing!

I would really love to know more about the creation of these pieces - is it just samples with certain software?

I think I will be interested in incorporating elements from your compositions into my tracks if that would be okay with you (just to see what comes out - maybe this could be an interesting project).


   It is really interesting music. Thank you. I especially like your "Electric Symphony".

Dr. Emil Steinvil, CTO

   I listened to the Chaconne and have been listening to some of your other work and am enjoying it very much. It's very much my soundworld and I feel very at home there!

Peter  (

   Hi ...

I've been going through piles of stuff everywhere, searching for some cool tunes, and then I found your music - rather nice stuff! :) ... anyway, you probably get lots of mail, so I'll be brief: I believe you'd appreciate my tunes ... looks like we're into some of the same things ... so if you have time for it, swoop by at: ( ... anyway, I'd better get back to work, keep up the good work! :)

Regards, //mindplay

   hey dude,
i realy dig your stuff.
cool SouNdZ !
crushing grooves !
shit man, you have like
1,000,000 tack !

check out my site at:

later ..

I visited your page several times and I have listened to your tracks. Just ten of them: from "Electric Symphony Part I" to "Portraits of a Woman I". I liked "Electric Symphony Part IV", "The Bell Drama Part I" and "Electric Symphony Part III". You are so fertile:-)). I mean music :-)

Arthur Maximenko, (

   (General Electrics) ...very nice, I like all the little bleeps, the raw oscillators, like a vintage computer game...


   I heard the two parts of "Portraits of a Woman" and then went on to the "Electric Symphony". If I have to put it in one word I would say that the new attribute to your music is: Freedom.

(ESY 2) I could not say WHAT were the sounds for me but I certainly could say if tell their distance. It gives a simple but wonderful physical orientation which is blurred otherwise when using too much panning and echo, ignoring the wonderful human in capabilities. This is the part I liked the most.


   (ESY) I was amazed about the enormous clearness and transparency of the sounds. It creates a cleaning atmosphere, freed from exaggeration and the necessity of interpretation. The selected forms provide orientation and prevent from the impression of arbitrariness.

This music resides on a spiritual level without demanding anything from the listener. It is what it is. Clear as a crystal, clean, cooling. I had to come used to not to wish counting any beat. There were very often rhythmical structures tempting to do so. But I had to control myself and simply to get into it.


   (ESY) Great, the way you managed the sound scope. The music is simply exciting. Many influences of your former works can be found, similarities with "The Bell Drama", the way how you repeat a phrase, etc.

It seems like you succeeded to develop a musical language, that can be understood without any dictionary, and - on the other hand - does not need to carry the whole historical "load" of a violin sound, for example.

I am enthusiastic! Although I listened to the CD just one time (right now). I repeat what I said once to your "Portraits" - On one hand this music is real art, on the other hand it might find it fans in any discotheque.


   (ESY 1) The rhythms with "Latin" touch seem a bit "risky", but it is greatly guiding the listening. (I'm eager to know about your "rhythmical revolution", of course, the media, and even more the "material development" of this century will allow for a lot of possibilities, that lead on the other hand very fast to non rhythmic music, which - in its free floating in time - will require a totally different listening approach.)

(ESY 2) The "Canzone" is an almost perfect techno piece (without the nerve-racking drums that would destroy it). Although permanently floating, there is enough distance given due to the rhythmical dimension, preventing to dive too deep into trance. The "Canzone" could become a real catchy record, last but not least thanks to the scratch like bass sequences.

(ESY 3) The Big-Ben quotation is a bit too much, for my taste. The sound of the chimes is rather important for the piece (at least for my listening experience).

(ESY 4) The "Fuga" is fantastic! How did you create it? Here comes a real dialogue into being.

(NSY) It is simply nice to listen how the sound particles swirling around, creating diverse relations between of them, loosing them in order to define new connections again...

50 years after the invention of the electronic music, there are now two symphonies that do not provide the feeling of being a matter of restoration (since the "old" symphony term has been used), but having raised the idea of the musical language through analysis on an abstract (sign?-) level to be realized in the new media in a completely new way.

Dr. Heinz-Joseph Florian

   (Collection at Acidplanet) Totally amazing!!!


   (Collection at Acidplanet) Freed, I finally managed to take the time to properly listen to it and this is fantastic music! I'm really enjoying it.

Btw, I find it very enjoyable also to background listen to it while working.

Thanks for introducing me to it.


   (Collection at Acidplanet) cool

do you use your own app to create the music?


Sound Feedback   [ click Italic words to enter the sounds! ]
   i wasn't even looking for this but i'll take it!

   Very creepy, I love it!


agree with LeboviciAB84, yet I used it here, together with other samples found around:

   Awesome, I like it!

   classic (and classy!) synth fx

   Nice. Thank you...

   Great stuff, given me a couple of ideas already. :)

   I used this in a flyby for my media work. Thanks! like the THX theme but not so ominous.

   haven't visited your offerings in a while, and now I'm sorry I haven't. This pack is beautiful and haunting and extremely creative. I listened to the first of the two packs too---same response. I have to re-visit your sounds. You are truly a sound-poet.

   This is seriously the best recording I think I have ever heard... chills

   These conjure up great images!

   Freed, your sounds are rich and beautiful! Tons of great work.


I used the file again


   This one's great! I used it on "Project 12: On A Different World."

Check it out -

   amazing composition

   staring into the abyss, Glass said . . . YES!

   Very nice; Just what I needed!

   can you describe how you made this soundfile? did you use actual bird sound and modify it somehow? it's a very nice file that has great potential for development. great work!

   Hey again I used

the file here:



   Great sound


Used your file here:

Thank You,

Jobob Arikan
   nice effect.

   it is fine art!


   your sounds are great!!


Cool sounds!

jonigee on the treasure coast
   Thank you very much!! Your samples are just perfect for what I have in mind. I will certainly send you a link when I finish it.

Thanks again...

   Excellent work

Very sophisticated work, dude! What are you working with to get those tones? Are you a composer by trade?

   dear Freed,

About a month ago a friend sent me several of your voice-processed files, and said "you've got to hear these! Someone who uses voice-modulation creatively!". We worked with vocoders and other voice-processors some time back, and got the feeling people were getting lazy with them, going for the obvious; but every so often someone re-finds them afresh, and we realize why they existed in the first place. Your voice-emulations were just joyous. Silly, playful, magical. I've always been meaning to say something, but hadn't gotten to it...then I got your comment and realized it was time. You're one of those contributors who loves to peer inside sound and see what's in its 'molecules', or just listen to their 'want-lists'. Some sounds have want-lists, like posts in a forum; they want someone to recognize that they'd be great in this setting, or perfect with that processing. Then some sound-maker comes along, reads their posts, and--wallah! A transformed sound! You're one of those people.

After that, I heard your bell work, and there it was again: You understood what they needed, took them out, got them new wardrobes, and uploaded them. You're a true sound-lover. I'll be hearing more of your work as the weeks go on...

All good things to you out in yisroel!


   Freed, your work is inspiring and a little daunting!

   hey freed your sounds are really cool

i dig it

laurent from Paris 
   Hey you do very nice work. I'll definitely be using a few of your samples in my upcoming HD production. Thanks,

-Evan (Black Diamond Productions)
   just wanted to say thanks for the great "portraits of a woman" packs. really nice.

   Hey Freed,

I'm a music teacher in Oregon. My 7th grade class are presently creating a music/fx score for another class's play. The play is a Frankenstein/Dracula type of horror show and some of your electrical samples are going to be great for use in the mad scientist's laboratory. Thanks for going to the trouble of creating and uploading this excellent collection. I downloaded the electric effects sample packs.


Mark Pritchard (djbob55)
   Hi there

Just wanted to say that i really like your stuff . It's really inspiring to me when i make music myself. Keep up the good work  

   Freed, your sounds are rich and beautiful! Tons of great work.

   thanks for these interesting sounds.

   Nice effect.


   Fascinating and yet very compact.

   beautiful, collections 3 and 4 are very nice

   jd800 is best

   Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I have used your sample on my new track 'Cassiopeia' which you can hear at


I wanted to tell you I used your sample 240403D.mp3 (n. 1075 on freesound) in my last tune, you can find it under Creative Commons license on mywebsite Check it out:)

   - So clever.

- like a snake bite.

- woody teeth.

- a sense of malice and evil about it.

   I used some of your samples for a track. check it out on (its revelation)

thank you very much for the great samples!


Allain Flagg

I thought you would like to know that I've used your sample pack "Fractaled Noise" in a composition. I love the sounds and have been playing around with them all week. You can find the improv I do using them here:


I downloaded it just so I could hear it offline. i would happily listen to this on its own. A lot of your other electric vocals are really good as well.

   An excellent exercise in the processing of one sound to simulate another! Very nice and one I will gladly add to my collection. Cheers!

   very nice.

   this is an amazing sound clip
very interesting

   many thanks for the beautiful sound:-)


Little bit of the THX sound:D

   This pack is really really awesome.

   pretty wicked


   Such an odd sound, it was perfect for what I was looking for.

   thanks so much, these are gorgeous.

   I love this sample, and used it here in remix.

   Dear Freed,

Just a short note to say how much I am enjoying the splendidly rich sounds you have devised and captured and uploaded to freesound. In particular two of the mechanical series (including clockish "bicycle bell"-type sounds) and two of the VARIA series (85 and 86) have captured my attention.

I have listened to several hundred of your uploads and I find that my appreciation of timbre matches your inventiveness with timbre. Thank you for your outstanding contribution.

Sincere best regards,

Max Taylor
   Magnificently complex and mysterious!

   hey im a dutch ambient producer...and new on this site...I want to thank you for your great samples!

i will absolutly use one of those in my tracks

keep on the good work!




   love it

great interlude

   great for our demo, thanks

   Very nice recording, thank you for sharing :)

   Hello! Thanks for uploading this excellent series of female voices!

Would you allow me to use it in song??

   Great for creepy settings

   beautiful.... Breathtaking...... all I could ever ask for. Haunting


Very tidy.

   very lovely-such nice tones, thanks Freed!

   yeah, thats creepy

   Sounds great!

   Dear Freed:

I enjoy your samples, and have used them (with atribution) in remixes at

This sample I posted today in a new song on my album "Personal Mountains" on, available at:

Because I used a sample from Connum and a sample from you, I decided to name my piece "Connum and Freed Song". I hope you enjoy it. I enjoy your samples.

Best, Robert, who records as gurdonark
   Useful for ambient music.

   Good. It sounds groovy.

   I'm loving your electronic birds samples...great work!

They really are quite remarkable samples...very impressed.
The one in particular is sample 081102D.mp3 in your Electronic Birds 1 pack.

It has a nice combo of high and low tones and I'd love to know more about how you created it.

   it's nice to have bass sounds and high soundstogether.
this one is really beautiful

   hey one more the hell do you make those dropped drops? Thats wonderful I love glitch stuff.

Nice speech sounds. I was wondering if you could give me any info on how you did it.

   You rock!

How did you learn to make such great sounds?

   rattlesounds 2 great pack!

   hi freed

i've been digging your samples very much. what is an electric accord and where can i get one? you make great music with it.

   thanks for all your awesome and inspiring sample packs...

ariel (funkymuskrat)
how did you make it?
voice + violin
what process did you do?

uj (kiwisw)
   Really excellent. It should be in 'Blade Runner' at some point.

   Beautiful. This is a piece of music in itself.

   I hope to use this in an ambient remix.

   Thanks Freed

Your sounds are truly mindblowing

   I like your bird stuff a lot. How do you do them?

   Thank you,

I did use this sample and this sample here:

   Very nice stereo effect.

   Hi Freed,

thank you very much for the sounds...

they are so cool, nice ... :)

   kewl great as an ending

   Lovely stuff, reminds me of "Kontakte" :-)

   very tasty fx :-)

   Quite a unique sound. How on Earth did you create it?

   I sampled this, with attribution and thanks for samples from harri, Peter Gross, Erratic Desperate, Tedthetrumpet, and Freed, on the piece "Night Submersible" on my album Subtle Precautions at

Thank you for uploading such a fun sample.

   really great electronic sounds!

   i like it

   Of all the stuff on Freesound, I think yours is by far the most thoughtful and creative.

Good wishes,

Joseph Byrd
   Hey you!

Thank you verry verry much for your sounds! i loved them! and you've just saved my life, because i was looking in the internet for souds, but i didn't find anything and i need them for a performance =) i hope you don't mind if i use them?

thank you verry much!!!!

   Great sound! I will use it for my podcast intro...

   nice sounds. how did you get them?

   nice, good Starter for a good new song!

Thank you

and by

Francis Gigandet, Zürich, Switzerland

fragilmusik production

DJ Fragil
   All this series are delicious, visceral sounds.
And not obvious, either; they are subtle and mysterious.

Joseph Byrd
   Dude! This is geat stuff!



this is just plain weird!

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