Cybermusic by Freed 

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   Room 1 / Miniatures
1990   Take Five Takes Take One Take Two Take Three Take Four Take Fivec
1991   Piano Games Shepard Harmony Strings Figures Reptile Crackle Shadows Silence Pattern Vectors
Flowing Twaddle Fractal Envelop Mending Nightly Changes Passage Circles Phrasesc
1991   ExSamples Mechanique ExSample 1 Interludium I ExSample 2 ExSample 3 Interludium II ExSample 4 ExSample 5 ExSample 6 Epilog Exsamples Mechanique
   Room 2 / Passage
1992   Passage Passagec
1993   Music Minus One Music Minus Onec
1993   The Bell Drama First Part Second Part
   Room 3 / Portraits
1994   Portraits of a Woman Cybersex Sirenes Throes Xanth Variations Inside Aprilc
1994   Bel Christmas Bel Christmasc
1996   Black Bird's Garden Blackbird's Garden Blackbird's Backyard Blackbird's Plot Blackbird's Plan Blackbird's Arrangement Blackbird's Composition Blackbird's Constitution Blackbird's Foundation Blackbird's Basis Blackbird's Heart
Blackbird's Compassion Blackbird's Concern Blackbird's Care Blackbird's Trust Blackbird's Belief Blackbird's Idea Blackbird's Plan1
   Room 4 / Electric Symphonies
2000   Electric Symphony Sonata Canzone Variazioni Fuga
2001   Noise Symphony Movement Dance Chaconne Fractal
2002   Pitch Symphony General Electrics Relaxation Oscillation The Lost Voice The Sound Mount
2003   Clung Symphony SphinX Centaurus Another Odyssey MinoTaur
  Room 5 / Charts
2004   Letters Genesis Home Sinai Open Sesame Echo of Man Silicon Vadi Glass Factory Nocturne Teva Drop Drop'n Drops Talking Violin Balloon Song Lilit Mys(t)ica
Mys(t)icA Down by the Riverside Riverside Sinai 2 Terminal Voice Tracks Electric Chicken Electrobirds E-Bird Song Masks Alpha Dance Gates Rotary Drums
   Guided Tour "Electric Symphonies"
   Interactive Freesound Compositions "Web Songs"
   Freesound Music Gallery
   Magic E@r Series
   Image Gallery

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