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Topics: Human Voice - Voice Simulation - Breathing - Human Pattern Recognition - International Music Scene
"'Sirenes' guides you through a sound trip of 'catching' voice streams, as Odysseus might have heard them. The sound of today's sirens (see end of the piece) stands for danger too - in both of the cases, you should flee away..."

Author: Friedhelm Hartmann

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Duration: 5'38"

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"Chant up" uses voice simulation algorithms of the CHANT sound synthesis package (an IRCAM production) - Human voice samples are not used in this composition.

Author: Achim C. Bornhöft

Born 1966 in Germany. International performances and composition awards. Independent composer of chamber, orchestra and electro-acoustic music, organizes musical happenings, co-operation with dance-companies. Research in music and acoustics at the CCRMA of the Stanford university, USA.

Duration: 7'11"

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   Chant Up
"This is the second of a cycle of 'Breathing Room' pieces. Music can be understood as 'food' in form of breathing, and breathing as a feeding musical space. The breathing - my breathing - can be recognized during all the three minutes of the piece. All kinds of musical and acoustical events are happening while I'm breathing in and breathing out. Each of the breathings speaks its own language and creates a specific space in the time. In the same time, the heart continuous to beat and drives the time toward the next breathing."

Author: Hildegard Westerkamp

Hildegard Westerkamp grew in the after-war Germany and immigrated to Canada in 1968. She works as a free composer and audio artist and teaches acoustic communication at the SFU. Most of her works are concentrating on acoustical ecology and surrounding sounds.

Duration: 3'10"

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   Breathing Room
"verSTIMMUNG is designed as four-channel composition for tape - almost every sound is generated from speech material of a poem written by Angelika Janz:

Die Barrieren wachsen dichter,
Gefundenes bleibt der Verkümmerung anheim gegeben und ohne Rückhalt,
Rücksicht ein TABU
- wie müßig,
ein harmloses Märchen erzählen zu wollen...

(The barriers are growing closer,
Findings remain in atrophy and without any backing,
Considerations - looking backwards - a TABOO
- how futile,
wanting to tell a harmless fairytale...)

Voice: Patrick Hagen."

Author: Dirk Reith

Professor for composition at the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen and founder and artistic director of the ICEM (Institute for Computer music and Electronic Media). Founder of the international festival for computer music and media arts EX MACHINA. Performances in Europe, USA, Far Eastern countries and Australia. Numerous theoretical publications with subjects of composition theory in instrumental and electronic music. Various research projects in the area of algorithmical composition.

Duration: 8'36"

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"'Chreode' is a term taken from morphogenesis and biology (Greek 'cre' means 'we need' and 'odos' means 'way', necessary way). It is used here as a metaphor for a systematic research, but also differently stimulated research of the interrelations between the sound material and its organization, as enabled by the computer technology: we need a way to the discovery of these new territories.

The piece has been realized at the IRCAM with the CHANT synthesis program."

Author: Jean Baptiste Barriere

Born 1958 in Paris. Studied music, philosophy and mathematical logics. Interested in all aspects of electronic music and computer music from the very beginning, ranging from research to practical composition. His subject of his PhD is 'Systems and models in the music of the 20th century'. He is being employed by the IRCAM for many years.

Duration: 9'42"

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   Chreode I
"The spoken German phrase 'langerhutmitkordelanstelledesbandes' ('a long hat with a cord instead of a ribbon') has been taken into a permanent tape loop to be filtered out in 5 most different ways: 'Take Five Takes'.

Take 4 enters into a spacey scenario that is transformed smoothly till a rhythmical skeleton of the spoken noises remains in the end."

Author: Friedhelm Hartmann

Duration: 2'33"

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   Take Five Takes IV
"It's about singing. - Who sings?
It's about voice. - Is it a real voice?
It's about gesture. - Human?"

Author: Heinz-Josef Florian

Born 1955. Studies in mathematics, PhD. Musical studies in composition and classical guitar. International performances of his music. Teaches application of probability, chaos and fractal theory in algorithmic composition. Since 1986 he uses his own developed compositional language FIS for musical creation. Member of the German Society of Electro-acoustic Music (DeGeM).

Duration: 4'56"

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   Hannah's Tapesession IIa
"This piece is based on two samples of the voice of the 2 and 3 1/2 years old Hannah. Hannah's stories - about the big and the small duck, about the little flower and the wolf - are accompanied by 'magic' worlds of sounds which are influenced by the voice of this little girl in many different ways."

Author: Heinz-Josef Florian

Duration: 10'32"

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   Hannah's Tapesession III
"journal de bord


une nuit solitaire, encore,
vient de s'eteindre
et je vogue sur ce bateau parmi les debris de memoire.


les fragments de reves se confondent aux souvenirs de voyages.
meles de senteurs venues des quatre coins du temps.


je sens l'ivresse, deja,
mais quelle est la couleur de ce parfum?


Toula Limnaios

Author: Ralf R. Ollertz

Born 1964 in Germany. Founder and director of the 'go ahead' ensemble. Intensive co-operations with painters (Bettina Elmpt, and others). Musical director of 'Claudia Lichtblau Dance Theatre'. Radio play productions, chamber and orchestra music gained international awards. Worldwide tours through Europe, South America, USA, Japan and Australia.

Duration: 5'02"

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"As in pictures for search, where someone has to find slight differences in the copy of the original picture, the same way you may find little differences in the relation in between traditional and pop music, but...

The piece has been realized in 1990 in the PLIZZ studio in Montreal. Thanks to Pascale Malaterre who contributed his voice sample."

Author: Michel Smith

Michel Smith is a many-sided composer. His musical ambitions are generated by the conflicting areas of improvisation and electro-acoustics. He created video installations, compositions for instrument and tape, but also for sound generators developed by himself. He researches in the field of counterpoint relations between music and other media.

Duration: 3'04"

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   Style de bougalou
"This miniature has been realized with sounds that are taken from the world of comics for children. The piece is divided into three parts: >Child's world<, >Phantoms' Valley< and >Search of the Voice<.The voice of the 11 years old Marie-Helen Blain is the only one sound element of the piece. Bede is a word game with the abbreviation of 'bande dessinee' (Comic book). It is dedicated to my parents."

Author: Robert Normandeau

Born 1955 in Quebec City. Music studies at the universities Laval (Quebec City) and Montreal. Founding member of the CEC and artistic director of the 'Clair de terre' cycle of the ACREQ. Winner of many international competitions. Teaches musical aesthetics and electro-acoustics at the musical faculty of the Montreal university.

Duration: 3'08"

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"In 1980, I began with the composition of a song cycle titled VOX. VOX 5 is the climax of this cycle and the only pure electro-acoustic piece within the VOX cycle. It presents a 'super voice' in the middle of a stage's foreground, and its expressions are going through a metamorphosis of natural events: Sounds of crowds, bells, bees, and other creatures, and less specific sound events, poetical images from the creation and destruction of the world..."

Author: Trevor Wishart

Born 1946. Wishart is an international successfully free-lance composer, living and working in the north of England. Some of its newer works make use of the computer techniques, for instance, in order to research for new rhythmical procedures (VOX 3), or in order to transform one source of sound into another one (as in VOX 5). He is the founder and director of the "Composer's Desktop Project".

Duration: 6'06"

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   VOX 5

Images presented at this page are originating from photos created by Frank Rübler and published at the ICEM home page.

This concert has been designed by Dr. Heinz-Josef Florian, Germany.

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