Jumping into the Sound Trips project, you can discover your own way through a jungle of sounds: download - check it out - play - and enjoy!

If you just want to listen to possible performance results, you can enter those through the "Cybermusic - Letters" project. Click on "Hi-Fi" play, locating the "Terminal", "Echo of Man", "Gates", and "Masks" letter.

If you want to perform those sound movies directly, you can connect to each of them separately by clicking on the "Interactive" link. Close the Freesound Music Portal and wait till the first sounds are going to appear (sounds will be loaded one after the other).

If you'd like to have all of the sound movies available at once to gain maximum sound navigation capabilities, you should download the complete package (~ 30 MB), and unpack it into one local folder. Then you:
  • Launch "SBR.exe" for the "Sound Navigator Version" (Shockwave executable).
  • Launch "SoundTrips.pps" for the "Presentation Version" (MS Powerpoint) and click the centered gray field to begin.
Should you have further questions, please send them directly to this email.