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i-Button, right Mouse
Gray display box
:: Links to original sound information at Freesound.
:: Shows the project name (sound trip) in case of a start sound (start sound includes a 'hand' symbol).
:: May show sound type (F, L, E, or X), sound ID, and channel number.
:: Can be set and disabled using the below buttons (see also 'Prefs' page, "Customize Sound Page" section).

* In the Freesound page you will know about the author of the sound and many other details related to it. You must consider the Creative Commons License that is associated to Freesound sound's usage and published on the Freesound home page.

FleX Type Display :: Displays or hides FleX type of animated sounds (F = Figures, L = Layers, E = Events, X = Xpressions).
Sound ID Display :: Displays or hides identifier of all animated sounds.
Channel Display :: Displays or hides used channel number in all animated sounds (max. 8 channels, used for maintenance).

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